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Homeowner Associations

Our service offerings include all aspects of a project, from planning through completion, closeout, and handover. We work with general contractors, architects, owners and tenants, and HOA boards to find solutions to cost-related and schedule issues that maintain quality while driving value and efficiencies. Our services are tailored to each client and their specific building challenges while underlined by principles and experience gained from 50+ combined years of leading construction projects.

For HOAs, we strive to work with all stakeholders to assess the unique variables from the outset, allowing better control during construction and favorable outcomes for all parties. In addition, our team understands how to implement proven construction management fundamentals to deliver projects that surpass client expectations.

Rooftop Pool Deck Restoration


Los Angeles, CA


Barker Block HOA

RCS-CM joined the project in support of the HOA to reestablish an achievable schedule, provide budget control, and manage the restoration of the existing 6th-floor rooftop pool deck.

The project included refinishing the pool, a new pedestal deck system, structural reinforcing, extensive landscaping, new metal canopies, USB outlets, and power added throughout the deck. In addition, new ambient lighting, a spa, BBQs and an outdoor kitchen area, multiple fire pits, and community lounge seating were added to the pool deck.

With over 50 years of experience leading construction projects, our team is ready to help.
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