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Cost Engineering

RCS-CM provides cost engineering services to help clients find value, efficiency, and savings throughout their project's lifecycle. Offering services such as estimating, benchmarking, and value engineering for a variety of construction projects, our team provides continuous cost guidance from a project's onset to completion, creating cost solutions that ultimately save money and deliver quality projects.

Adding Value To Your Projects

RCS-CM employs a team of experienced cost engineering consultants. Our team’s reputation is rooted in the ability to provide accurate estimates and budgets on a wide variety of project types.

Our expertise across various industries enables the team to establish project viability with a clear, robust baseline from the outset. With continuous cost guidance, provided with cost models, data, and proven methodologies, we enable our clients to make the right decisions, at the right time, and secure optimal pricing.

Our focus is to help achieve your desired quality and cost targets, while proactively managing project risks and change orders.

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Cost Engineering Services

  • Benchmarking

  • Bid Analysis

  • Budget Management

  • Change Control

  • Cost Controls

  • Cost Planning

  • Cost Management

  • Estimating

  • Financial & Commercial Reporting

  • Forecasting

  • Value Engineering

Industry Experience

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